Today, Internet and smart phone users are expecting more than just displaing the current time from their watches: they want high precision and additional functions. Sensor status and information received throught RF communication has to be displayed. Such features require their share of the energy available in a watch battery; therefore, ultra-low power circuits, energy efficient communication and displays become key components in modern electronic watches. Energy harvesting technologies also help to avoid recharging batteries every day.

EM Microelectronic's circuits and components list of concrete applications:

  • Analog Quartz watches
  • Multifunctional Quartz Watches with sensors and display
  • Analog Quartz Clocks
  • Smart watches
  • Accessories to Smart Phones, Tablets and PC’s

EM Microelectronic is leader in ultra-low power electronics and owns the development-, technology- and production know-how in the following fields:

  • Ultra-low power integrated circuits – allows years of battery life
  • Ultra-low power wireless solutions  – communication with proprietary and standard protocols
  • Ultra-low power sensor interface circuits – unloads main MCU
  • Energy harvesting circuits – supports energy sources
  • Ultra –low power human interface circuits – easy access to watch functions
  • Ultra-low power display drivers – for segment as well as dot matrix displays
  • Different display types with different shapes, colors and substrates – single as in module form