Tablet & PC Peripherals

Tablet and PC peripherals generally operate under tight power consumption limits. While performance needs to be adequate (but lower than industrial systems), strong focus is put on highest efficiency of energy use by all components and the overall system.

Offering low power peripheral components has been a mainstay of EM Microelectronic's activities for more than 10 years. In the segment of optical sensors for mice, EM Microelectronic has offered a succession of devices that set standards for lowest energy tracking.   

List of Specific Applications

  • Wireless technology in keyboards (2.4GHz) for tablets and PCs
  • Optical Mice equipped with EM optical Sensors using LED and Laser illumination
  • LCD displays and modules for keyboards
  • Tablet keyboards with solar charging IC technology
  • Sensor technology for 3D pointing devices
  • External Charger systems with energy harvesting technology (solar, heat, movement)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth®) head sets

EM Microelectronic's Competitive Edge

In line with the company's overall focus EM Microelectronic's provides solutions with these characteristics.

  • Ultra-low power integrated circuits – allows many years of battery life
  • Ultra-low power sensor interface circuits – unloads main MCU
  • Ultra-low power wireless solutions  - communication with proprietary and standard protocols
  • Ultra-low power sensor interface circuits – unloads main MCU
  • Energy harvesting circuits – supports energy sources
  • Ultra-low power display drivers – for segment as well as dot matrix displays