Industrial, Building and Smart Home

More and more electronic features are used in Industrial, Building and Smart Home applications. High quality and reliable partnerships over a long period of time is a must in this market. With its own semiconductor foundry in Switzerland, EM Microelectronic is fulfilling all these requirements. Selected products, which have been launched in our fab in the 1990 are still being produced today. Many customers are choosing EM Microelectronic for its sustainability or for the high level of confidentiality guaranteed for customer specific developments. Customer specific circuits and standard circuits can be found in the following applications.

List of concrete applications

  • Building Security (access control, alarm, smoke and intrusion detection)
  • Home Comfort and Automation (light, heating and air conditioning)
  • Electricity-, Gas- and Water metering
  • Logistics and Production Material Flow (asset tracking)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Public Transportation
  • Toll Collection

EM Microelectronic’s competitive edge

EM Microelectronic as reliable and confidential long term partner is leader in ultra-low power with its own development-, technology- and production know-how in the following fields:

  • Ultra-low power integrated circuits – allows many years of battery life
  • Ultra-low power wireless solutions  - communication with proprietary and standard protocols
  • Ultra-low power sensor interface circuits – unloads main MCU
  • Energy harvesting circuits – supports energy sources
  • Ultra –low power human interface circuits – simplifies  access to features and functions
  • Ultra-low power display drivers – for segment as well as dot matrix displays
  • Different display types with different shapes, colors and substrates -  single as well as in module form