Healthcare & Sports

Healthcare is becoming more personal and more portable thanks to advances in low power electronics and the popularity of smartphones. EM Microelectronic technologies enable portable health monitoring equipment to be more accurate, last longer between battery charges (or even run on inexpensive coin-cell batteries), communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth®  low energy technology, and display critical information on a local, unbreakable display.

Today, people can monitor their health at home with low cost, easy to use products such as weight scales, pulse oximeters, wrist-worn pulse rate monitors and pedometers which all provide immediate feedback to the user as to their status. But that is only the beginning; Bluetooth products can upload information using smartphone applications and the cellular network; health care providers and family members can be alerted automatically to changes in status or issues of concern through data uploads and text messages/alerts.

These same advances are creating a large market for sports and fitness devices that allow individuals to monitor their daily activity by counting their daily steps, remind them to get up and move on a regular basis, insure they get proper rest, and even wake them up at the optimal moment. Sports equipment can also be “connected” to provide feedback for self-improvement. These devices may offer durable displays for immediate feedback and/or offer a Bluetooth connection to their smartphone, which allows them to set goals, share and compete with friends, track historical progress, and even get tips on improving their fitness and wellness.


EM Microelectronic circuits have been integrated into:

  • Pedometers
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Weight Scales
  • Activity Monitors
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Quantified Sports Equipment
    • Golf Clubs
    • Basketballs
    • Baseballs & Bats

Development Tools & Demos


EASY KIT – Full development kit for Bluetooth low energy technology enabled products, complete with hardware, modules, software stacks and tools, and even a powerful WIZARD, to make firmware development easy.

COiN – A complete, certified Bluetooth low energy beacon platform/product which can be deployed right out of the box, or fully re-programmed for your specific application.


BAP RFID Reference Design – Round PCBs with battery and antenna which can be read by most UHF RFID readers.

The EM Advantage

EM’s 35 years of experience in providing advanced integrated circuit solutions for the first wearable electronic product – the wristwatch – is apparent in our offerings to the Health and Fitness market, where durability, low power, accuracy and compactness are all necessary characteristics to create a winning product.

EM Technologies

Bluetooth low energy technology – EM9301 – EM Microelectronic’s Bluetooth certified Low Energy Controller offers maximum flexibility, minimum power and low cost in combination with your favorite microcontroller to provide intuitive wireless connectivity for health and fitness monitors.

Custom Plastic Displays – EM Microelectronic’s proprietary flexible LCD technology uses standard TN-LCD processing on plastic substrates to create colorful segmented or dot-matrix displays that are 2-D conformable, unbreakable, and low power, especially when combined with our LCD controllers (EM6110, EM6124, EM6126 or EM6127).

Sensor Fusion – EM7180 SENtral Sensor Fusion Co-processor – SENtral integrates an optimized, low-power microcontroller, pre-programmed with a proven, self-calibrating sensor fusion algorithm, enabling true, battery-operated 9 degrees-of-freedom sensor fusion. SENtral gives you full control over your sensor selection and sample interval to make the best power/performance tradeoff for your application.

Intelligent RFID – EM4325 Battery-Assisted Passive UHF RFID – EM4325 is the “Swiss Army Knife” of RFID chips. It can help you track patients and medical equipment, log storage temperature for medicines, or help insure compliance. It provides long read range (up to 200 feet with a battery), standards-based wireless sensor measurements, data-logging (with external micro), on-board temperature sensing, Real Time Clock, tamper protection and an SPI interface that can connect to an external sensor or microcontroller.



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