EM Microelectronic is manufacturing displays since the 80’s to serve the digital watch industry. Starting with the Swiss invention of the worldwide first TN display, this activity has continuously evolved driven by the very demanding Swiss watch industry. The development of our own ultra low power LCD driver ICs is also part of this evolution.

Today EM Microelectronic is running one of the very few LCD manufacturing lines in the Europe and is recognized as a highly innovative provider for small to medium sized, custom display module solutions with a large scale and cost effective manufacturing capability.

Beside the newly developed and quite unique plastic displays, which are widely used in the watch and smart card industry, EM Microelectronic also provides display module solutions using more traditional glass substrates or alternative technologies (e.g. OLEDs). The various display technologies can be complemented with additional technology bricks such as transparent capacitive touch films with totally invisible sensors and ultra low power driver IC or optical lamination to a front lens.

EM Microelectronic also has a specific know-how for “optical shutters” designing displays as monopixels in their transmissive mode. A wide range of contrast ratios can be achieved. Such shutters can also be bendable if made with plastic substrates.

EM Microelectronic is the right partner for companies looking for the best possible display stack solution fitting their requirements in terms of optics, mechanics, power consumption, functionality and cost.

Part # Description
Flexible Plastic LCD Customer Specific flexible LCD Modules (monochrome) for a diverse range of applications using plastic LCD technology
LCD Modules Customer Specific & Standard LCD Modules (monochrome and full color) for a diverse range of LCD and assembly technologies
OLED Modules Customer Specific & Standard OLED Modules (monochrome and full color)
Touch Modules Touch sensor systems to improve the human interface