EM Microelectronic's integrated circuits and displays are present in a wide variety of applications and devices all over the world. There is a high probability that one or more electronic devices in you everyday's life already contains one of EM's standard or customer specific components.

Discover some of the most common applications domains where EM Microelectronic products can be found.

Customized SoC solutions for secure car access control and supervisors
Digital watches and any customized display module solution
Wireless 2.4GHz low energy communication and flexible, unbreakable display integration
Identification solutions for people, livestock, pets and items
Building security, metering and industrial automation
Flash memory-based native SIM ICs, 2.4 GHz low energy communication and sensor fusion
Optical sensing, wireless 2.4 GHz low energy communication and integrated displays
Customized microcontrollers, tactile functions and displays for watch brands of the Swatch Group