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125KHz-134 KHz, Read write analog front end for RFID basestation
Contents:   •  Datasheet
  •  General description
  •  Features
  •  Applications
  •  Applications notes
  •  Tools
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General description
The EM4095 (previously named P4095) chip is a CMOS integrated transceiver circuit intended for use in an RFID basestation to perform the following functions:
- antenna driving with carrier frequency
- AM modulation of the field for writable transponder
- AM demodulation of the antenna signal modulation induced by the transponder
- communicate with a microprocessor via simple interface.

 Integrated PLL system to achieve self adaptive carrier frequency to antenna resonant frequency
 No external quartz required
 100 to 150kHz carrier frequency range
 Direct antenna driving using bridge drivers
 Data transmission by OOK (100% Amplitude Modulation) using bridge driver
 Externally adjustable modulation index
 Multiple transponder protocol compatibility(Ex: EM4102, EM4200, EM4450 and EM4205/EM4305)
 Sleep mode consumption 1µA
 USB compatible power supply range
 -40 to +85°C temperature range
 Small outline plastic package SO16
Car immobiliser
Hand held reader
Low cost reader
Applications notes
• FAQ about EM4095 R/W Analog Front End
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• EM4095 Application Note
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• U2270B replacement by EM4095 reader chip
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EM4095 Hardware Environment Calculation Tool
Use this excel spreadsheet to calculate the components needed for use in conjunction with EM4095
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EM4095 RFID Demo Reader
This 125kHz RFID reader supports the majority of EM Microelectronic's low freqency transponder ICs. The development reader serves as a reference design for reader manufacturers and comes with:

- Hardware schematics
- PCB Layout Gerber Files
- Microcontroller source code (easily portable C Language)
- PC software (allowing the user to operate with a large selection of RFID tags)
   export OrCAD

Please click on the pdf file to view the fact sheet.

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