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13.56MHz, compliant ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A&B, Analog Front End IC for RFID Base Station
Contents:   •  Datasheet
  •  General description
  •  Features
  •  Applications notes
  •  Tools
The FactSheet is a one-page summary document of the product. Please fill out the NDA below to receive a full datasheet and other information.
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General description
The EM4094 is an integrated analog system for 13.56MHz RFID reader system. It is highly versatile so it can be used in different reader systems having sub-carrier frequencies from 212KHz to 848KHz, hence covering ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 standards.
The adaptability is achieved using a 3 wires serial interface to program the system option bits. The transmitter generates 200mW output power into 50W load and is capable of OOK or ASK modulation.

 ISO15693 and ISO14443 compatibility
 Oscillator using 13.56MHz Quartz with selectable transconductance.
 Antenna driver using OOK or ASK modulation using single antenna driver
 ASK modulation adjustable in range from 7% to 30%
 High output power 200mW from 5V supply
 Antenna short circuit protection
 Multiple receiver input for high communication reliability
 AM/PM demodulation with AGC signal amplifier
 848KHz BPSK internal decoder (type B)
 Multiple sub-carrier receiving compatibility (212kHz, 424kHz and 848kHz)
 Multiple sub-carrier coding compatibility (Manchester, BPSK)
 Built-in receive low-pass filter cut-off frequency selectable between 400kHz and 1MHz
 Built-in receive high-pass filter cut-off frequency selectable between 100kHz, 200kHz and 300kHz
 Selectable receive gain
 Serial 3 pin interface for option selection
 Power down mode controlled by the 3 wires SPI
 Output Power: 100mW (in SO16), 200mW (in SO20)
 Operation temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Applications notes
• EM4094 RFID Reader User's Guide
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•  EM4094 RFID Reader - Description of the firmware protocol
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•  EM4094 RFID Reader Firmware Description
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EM4094 RFID Demo Reader
This 13.56MHz RFID reader is compliant with the ISO14443 type A and B, Sony FelicaTM and the ISO15693 standards supporting all mandatory commands. The demo reader also supports mandatory, optional, custom and proprietary commands of EM's transponder ICs: EM4033, EM4133 and EM4233. The development reader serves as a reference design for reader manufacturers and comes with:
- Hardware schematics
- PCB Layout (Gerber Files)
- Microcontroller source code (easily portable C Language)
- PC software (allowing the user to operate with a large selection of RFID tags)

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