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Ultra-low power Microcontroller with 4x32 LCD driver
Contents:   •  Datasheet
  •  General description
  •  Features
  •  Applications
  •  Applications notes
  •  Errata
  •  Demo Program
The FactSheet is a one-page summary document of the product.
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General description
The EM6626 is an advanced single chip low cost CMOS 4-bit microcontroller. It contains ROM, RAM, LCD driver, power on reset, watchdog timer, oscillation detection circuit, 10-bit up/down and event counter, 1ms BCD counter, prescaler, voltage level detector (Vld), serial interface and several clock functions. The low voltage feature and low power consumption make it the most suitable controller for battery, stand alone and mobile equipment. The EM6626 is manufactured using an Advanced Low Power CMOS process.
The EM6626 is an improved version of EM6622, with additional features such as 32/128kHz crystal oscillator and 32/42.7/64Hz LCD frequency for optimal use in communication applications.

 Low Power - 1.8 µA active mode, LCD On
                - 0.4 µA standby mode, LCD Off
                - 0.2 µA sleep mode
                @ 3.0 V, 32 KHz, 25 ºC
 True Low Voltage - 1.2 to 3.6 V
 32kHz/128kHz crystal oscillator
 LCD frequency 32Hz/42.7Hz/64Hz
 2 clocks per instruction cycle
 RISC architecture (72 basic instructions)
 ROM 4096 x 16 (Mask Programmed)
 RAM 128 x 4 (User Read/Write)
 Max. 12 inputs ; port A, port B, port SP
 Max. 8 outputs ; port B, port SP
 Voltage Level Detector, 8 levels software selectable from 1.2 V up to 4.0 V
 Melody, 7 tones + silence inclusive 4-bit timer
 Universal 10-bit counter, PWM, event counter
 Prescaler down to 1 second ( crystal = 32 KHz )
 1/1000 sec 12 bit binary coded decimal counter with hard or software start/stop function
 LCD 32 Segments, 3 or 4 times multiplexed
 3 wire serial port , 8 bit, master and slave mode
 5 external interrupts (port A, serial interface)
 8 internal interrupts (3x prescaler, BCD counter, 2x10-bit counter, melody timer, serial interface)
 Timer watchdog and oscillation supervisor
 Equivalent MFP version available (EM6522)
Household appliances
Timer/sports timing devices
Bicycle computers
Measurement equipment
Security, safety systems
Medical devices
Interactive systems with display
Applications notes
• Frequently Asked Questions for 4-bit EM66xx and EM65xx
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• Memory Requirements for Clock Applications
AN #12
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• Ohmmeter application with EM6X20
AN #18
161 Kb
• Frequently Used Software Routines for EM 4-bit Microcontrollers (EM66xx and EM65xx products)
AN #30
178 Kb
Buzzer on the emulator EM6621/22/25/26 and EM6821
The Emulator Buzzer output connector pin (nbr 21) does only pull high and its tristate function is not correctly implemented.
Correction: New emulators dated march/2000 and up are ok. The old emulators need to be send back to EM for correction, or EM should send a corrected FPGA setup EEPROM.

Emulator Bug
The instructions NAND, NANDS, NANDX, NANDXS do not work on the emulator.
They are working correctly on simulator and chip.
Valid for all members of the 4-bit microcontroller family.

Demo Program
Example program for the EM6622/26
A program which simply rolls a message on the LCD.
45 Kb
Example program for the EM6622/26
109 Kb
Example of a calculator
67 Kb
Communication example program
With the EM6x17 in master mode and the EM6x22 (or EM6626) in slave mode.
76 Kb
Communication example program
With the EM6x22 (or EM6626) in master mode and the EM6x17 in slave mode.
78 Kb
Example program for the demo board EM6522
Real time clock with count down
84 Kb
Ohmmeter by the measurement of resistors
90 Kb
Example program on EM microcontroller peripherals
148 Kb



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