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LCD Controller/Driver ICs
Monochrome STN Dot Matrix Monochrome STN Segments

EM's LCD drivers and controllers are best-in-class when it comes to optimized die size and low power consumption for use with monochrome TN and STN LCD displays, with a MUX from 1 to 81, digitally or mask programmable. Using EM expertise in ultra-low power, the EM6124 and EM6126 are ideal for DECT and mobile phone and consumer applications. Other products suit well industrial and large display applications. EM's LCD driver and controller ICs usually don't require any external component and can be used with Chip-On-Glass, Chip-on-Flex or Chip-on-Board technologies.

Monochrome STN Dot Matrix
Controller and driver circuits for monochrome TN or STN dot matrix LCD displays
    Part #  Description Document 
  EM6124  Digitally Programmable 8 to 25 Mux LCD Controller and Driver  


  EM6126  81 and 65 MUX LCD Driver and Controller with High Uniformity of Contrast and no External Components 

  EM6127  Controller and driver for graphic or character monochrom Twisted Nematic and Super-Twisted Nematic LCD displays. 

Monochrome STN Segments
Controller and driver circuits for monochrome TN or STN segment LCD displays
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  V6118  2, 4 and 8 Mux LCD Driver (for new designs, EM recommends using EM6127) 




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